BCCA - Beaconsfield by-elections results

A big thank you to the voters of Beaconsfield Town who elected two new Conservative Councillors on Thursday 2nd November. 

Anita Cranmer won the County Council seat taking 81% of the vote and Damian Saunders was elected to South Bucks District Council, Beaconsfield North Ward with 75% of the vote.

Dominic Grieve MP Joins Campaigners in Beaconsfield by-election

Dominic Grieve MP joined a dozen campaigners last Saturday in support of Anita Cranmer (pictured) and Damian Saunders, candidates in the Beaconsfield by-elections on Thursday November 2nd. 3,000 leaflets were delivered and first traunch of canvassing completed.

Dominic Grieve says "Thank You"

Dominic Grieve extends his thanks to all those who voted for him on June 8th.

Dominic’s result in Beaconsfield is his best yet, with an increase of 2% in his share of the vote to 65.3% of all the votes cast. 

Ukip and Green both lost their deposits.

The result was:-

5 big reasons to vote Conservative on Thursday

On Thursday 3rd May's local elections, residents across England will vote to decide who runs their local services - and who manages the money they pay for those council services.