Dev Dhillon

I have served on the County Council for eight years and have held many senior positions at County and District level currently serving as a Chairman of the Children and Social Care Select Committee. I have involved myself fully as local County Councillor with many local organisations giving advice and support and often assistance with raising funds. I established a Youth Club in Dorney, advised and helped many clubs in South Bucks to raise funds (now reaching into the £millions) and improve facilities including: Maidenhead Sea Cadets, Farnham Common & Burnham Woman’s Institute, Burnham, Dorney, Farnham & Iver Youth Clubs, Cubs & Scouts, Padstones (local vulnerable youth housing charity), Denham Air Cadets Squadron, St Marys Church in Farnham Common, Citizens Advice Bureau. I have worked with local schools to promote a high standard of education and worked with police and local community groups to combat anti-social behaviour. Crossrail is a terrific addition to our railway infrastructure but it will generate parking issues and development. I will monitor the effects very closely.


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