Sandy Saunders

I and my wife Rosemary have lived in Beaconsfield for 40+ years. Our four daughters went to St Mary’s School, and to the High School, and we have also fostered several young people who needed help. In 2007 I was elected Chairman of the Beaconsfield Society, and subsequently I chaired the committee which included BOTRA and the Neighbourhood Action Group when we assessed the concerns of more than 60 diverse local organisations in writing the Parish Appraisal .

My career, firstly in the Royal Navy and next in manufacturing industry, has been followed by my forming a Charitable Foundation to encourage economic growth locally. While preserving the best of the amenities which our Green Belt provides, we must also focus on finding innovative and practical proposals which will (i) provide more sensibly priced housing and sufficient school places, (ii) reduce traffic congestion, and (iii) improve recreation facilities for all.

 If you have any ideas, or if there are any particular issues you would like me to raise on your behalf, please email me: