Alex Collingwood

Wycombe District Councillor for Marlow North & West ALEX COLLINGWOOD "If re-elected I will work towards getting glass recycling collected directly from our homes, a new pedestrian crossing on Wycombe Road, and new cycleway paths on the Little Marlow Road, while trying to ensure any that council tax increase are kept to a minimum.- Alex lives in Oak Tree Road. Married to Emma their children Abbie (14) and Nick (11) both go to Great Marlow School. Alex has represented the residents of Marlow North and West for 20 years. I am currently Chairman of The Improvement and Review Commission at the District Council. For over 10 years I have been on the management committee of The Youth Centre in Wycombe Road, a member of Chamber of Trade and the Marlow Regatta committee. During my time as a District Councillor for Marlow I have introduced green re-cycling, gained improvements to the play area and cafe in Higginson Park and kept District Council Tax increases to inflation or below. I have used my ward budget this year to assist the Community Association at Liston Hall with their improvements to the garden room.