Thomas Broom

Buckinghamshire Council

Thomas Broom

Chairman of Hedgerley Parish Council

Education: Primary: Gayhurst School, Gerrards Cross, Secondary: Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, Amersham

Higher: BA Hons in Politics and International Relations, University of Kent, Canterbury

Hedgerley Parish Council

I joined Hedgerley Parish Council in 2016, having established myself professionally and wanting to do something to give back to my local community. In 2017 I was elected Chairman of HPC, a role I have been re-elected to each year since then. When I took up the chairmanship, Hedgerley was facing a number of issues, particularly the consequences of a recent incursion by a traveller camp and the impending decision of Bucks County Council on the Slade Farm gravel extraction site within the parish.

In the subsequent years Hedgerley has established effective but unobtrusive defences against traveller incursion and has suffered no further incident. While the Slade Farm site has been approved and is progressing, I have worked with councillors, local residents, property agents and the company running the site to bring together the Slade Farm Liaison Committee to bridge the gap between the site and the community, ensuring that there is as little impact as possible for the residents of Hedgerley.

I have also worked to see key infrastructure in the village supported, with a new defibrillator unit currently being installed at the village shop, accessible for all residents. This has been provided by a multi partner funding scheme involving HPC and other community groups. Putting public safety first, supported by sensible financial management.

I also sit on the executive committee of Hedgerley Memorial Hall and the editorial board of Hedgerley Village Magazine.

Professional Life

After leaving university I worked as a data analyst for a fixed term before starting an internship at a local charity, School Aid. The mission of School Aid was simple, to take resources no longer required in the UK and get them to schools in Africa that had no resources. Within 2 years I had worked my way from an intern to managing the entire UK operation. I am currently UK and Africa Ops Manager, overseeing School Aid operations in the UK, South Africa, Lesotho, Malawi and Tanzania, managing a large volunteer base as well as staff.

Since I arrived at School Aid I have pursued a course of digitisation, transparency and efficiency. After my first 2 years running the UK operation we had increased output by almost 60% without taking on any more staff or increasing UK costs overall. I passionately believe that organisations should be as open and transparent as possible so I have also worked to increase reporting collation and publication of data at School Aid, providing the credibility, through key metrics, for our funders to increase their support for us, seeing a more than doubling of funds available for projects in Africa.

During this time, we have worked closely with other NGO partners across the world, including Dolen Cymru a welsh charity that sends teachers into schools with our books as well as Sentebale, Prince Harry’s charity helping us reach remote communities in Lesotho. This year I have been reaching out to businesses and institutions in the UK, developing a partnership with World of Books and taking School Aid’s project pencil campaign to both Houses of Parliament and MI5.

Last year we were delighted to be announced as recipients of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award given to recognise the outstanding contributions made to local communities by volunteer organisations.


I have lived in the area my entire life, I was born at Wexham Park hospital. I went to school locally and I work and live locally now. I genuinely think this is the best place to live in the UK and I will fight to keep it that way.

I have been a Conservative since I was 16 years old, my parents brought me up to be independent and think critically. By that time, I had seen, heard and read enough to realise that only the Conservative party is capable of both preserving the achievements of this country while taking us safely into the future.

I have unique experience working with constituents, business partners, NGO’s, community groups, volunteer groups and local government that will enable me to represent you with energy, passion and a deep sense of responsibility and civic duty


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Santokh S Chhokar

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Santokh S Chhokar BSc (Hons), Solicitor (Hons), FRSA
About me : I am married with three children and we have lived in Gerrards Cross East for the past 18 years. I am the Senior Partner in a medium-sized solicitors’ practice, established in 1994 with offices in Southall, Slough and Central London.

Carol Heap

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Carol Heap will be new to elected office. Carol is a Pharmacist by profession and currently serves as Director of HealthWatch Bucks, and is a Trustee for Community Impact Bucks.

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The Wooburns and Bourne End


Having lived all my life and raised three sons in Buckinghamshire, I moved to the Cores End area of Bourne End in 2007.

Alastair Pike

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Alastair Pike has been a Town Councillor in Beaconsfield since 2011 and became Leader of the Conservative Group and the Town Council in 2015.  He is currently Deputy Mayor.

Luisa Sullivan

Buckinghamshire Candidate

The role of a county councillor is predominately that of a communicator. Being able to engage with all residents and community groups and balancing the needs and interests of residents, with council policy and its services, at all council tier levels.

I have been active in the community for many years, and have built solid relationships with many of our community groups. 

Over these last 25 years you’ve given me an insight and understanding of how our local community feels about their environment, its needs, its development and growth and aspirations for our younger generation.

There are many developments and projects happening in The Ivers. Alongside these, we need to plan for more community facilities, develop the road network and address the congestion problems.

We need to balance the need for housing, with affordable and cost saving initiatives like shared equity and self-build opportunities, alongside protecting our precious Green Belt and open spaces.

A tall order and this task requires your County Council representative to hold integrity, honesty and rational level thinking, to be an effective communicator, negotiator and team member, able to work with different local authority tiers and in partnership with other organisations to deliver positive outcomes for our community.

If you would like to speak to me or have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Luisa Sullivan Mobile: 07915 000767 Email:

Ralph Bagge

Buckinghamshire Council Candidate

I have lived in Stoke Poges since 1995, and both our children went to The Stoke Poges School, where my wife teaches music. I started taking an interest in local politics around the time of the Bells Hill redevelopment and was elected to Stoke Poges Parish Council in 2010, being elected Chairman the following year. I was elected to South Bucks District Council, representing Stoke Poges in 2011, where I became Chairman of the Planning Committee, and after re-election, in 2015 I became Leader of the Council, working regularly with County colleagues on issues including housing, health and the local economy. With my experience of local government, you can rely on me to represent your concerns effectively at County Hall.

I believe that South Bucks is a great place to live in – we have beautiful tree-lined roads and the openness of the Green Belt while enjoying the excellent road, rail and air access. I’m passionate about preserving our quality of life and ensuring that South Bucks remains a great place to live. I'm determined to see off the threat from Slough to build on our Green Belt and to preserve the semi-rural character of our quiet villages that we all enjoy so much.

Jason Behenna - Deputy Chair Membership

Jason moved to the leafy town of Marlow 7 years ago and has become part of the local scene, owning both his own rehabilitation business and as a parent involved in Great Marlow School Key stage 3.

Jason was involved in politics for the Conservative Party in South Africa for 15yrs up until he immigrated to the UK in 2001, where he has continued to support and vote Conservative since.

The divisiveness in the current political climate spurred Jason on to take the ambitious step to stand as Deputy Chair Membership and Fundraising for BCCA in a bid to help heal the divided electorate

Jason speaks 4 languages (English, Afrikaans, Dutch and Flemish) and having lived on 2 continents and in 3 countries, has a very diverse and multicultural background which helps him reach out to all communities.