Victory in Buckinghamshire

You will no doubt already have heard the brilliant news of our successful WIN of ALL TEN of our County Council divisions last Thursday.  I am truly ecstatic!


I would like to hugely thank every one of you for your support during these difficult elections. Whether you trekked through ‘blizzard’ conditions of ice and snow to deliver leaflets in February or whether you assisted with the election campaign in the last month or helped to get out the vote for your Conservative candidate on the day or assisted with many of the other numerous tasks to help your candidate win, may I thank you most sincerely.  Our Association exists to win elections and to give full support to Conservative candidates at all levels.  Our mission on this occasion has been accomplished.


That being said, I am in no doubt that a variety of issues raised on the doorstep by voters gives our political leaders much on which to digest and give mature reflection upon.  In the  Queen’s Speech on Wednesday, the Government set out its many important programmes for the coming year including measures to reform our immigration, welfare and social care systems and boost our economy.


As ever, we look forward to the next set of elections and whilst we have the European elections next year in 2014, it is also important for us to start to cast our mind to the District, Town and Parish elections in 2015.  There will be vacancies for new candidates and I would be delighted to hear from any member who at this stage would like to discuss informally with me or the Association Agent what vacancies there may be and whether you would like to put your name forward for this important role.  We very much welcome new people with ideas and energies.  Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart (Chairman)