South Bucks and Chiltern appoint joint Chief Executive

Councils working together take a further step forward


Earlier in the year, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe District Councils agreed to look at the possibility of sharing senior management.  The three Leaders of Chiltern (Councillor Nick Rose), South Bucks (Councillor Adrian Busby) and Wycombe District Councils (Councillor Alex Collingwood) have discussed the business case together.   They consider the most cost effective arrangement at this time is that South Bucks and Chiltern look at rationalising their management teams together to form a joint team and a joint chief executive.   They can do this because they have a number of senior level vacancies and can achieve it at low cost.

The three councils will continue to pursue their current significant work on a combined grounds maintenance contract, and Wycombe and Chiltern on a large joint waste and recycling contract and building control service, while Wycombe focuses on its major projects, including transfer of its housing stock to Red Kite Community Housing, a £40m replacement of its sports and leisure centre and redevelopment of other sites, and its comprehensive transformation savings programme.

The three Leaders said “We have built a good working relationship and we will continue to work together on future opportunities for joint working and other common issues.”