New Council for Buckinghamshire

The new unitary Buckinghamshire Council.

The four District Councils and the County Council will be swept away next year when the new unitary Buckinghamshire Council comes into being on 1st April 2020 (known as ‘vesting’ day).  Elections of new Councillors to the unitary will be on 7th May 2020.

To create the new Council, a Shadow Authority was established drawing Councillors and staff from the existing Councils to carry out the necessary tasks, with 128 now scheduled. This Authority of all 202 Councillors from the five existing councils met on 3rd June 2019 and was webcast.

There is a core Shadow Executive of 17 Councillors. Members meet every week and each has a Deputy to ensure maximum attendance. Formal meetings are held typically fortnightly, are open to the public and are webcast (, and from which decisions are published.  

The Shadow Authority is responsible for “Delivering the new BUCKINGHAMSHIRE COUNCIL”

and its details are on it’s website :

Meetings (past & future), agendas, decisions, forward plans, etc  can  be  found  on using the links on the Authority’s website or directly on:


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Delivering the new Buckinghamshire Council

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You can also contact me as below.

Patrick Hogan

BCCA Executive Council Member – Beaconsfield Branch

South Bucks District Councillor – Beaconsfield West

Beaconsfield Town Councillor – Beaconsfield West

Shadow Exceutive Member – Buckinghamshire Council Shadow Authority

email:         tel: 07972 452434